I am licensed by the State of Georgia as a Residential Contractor and my license is in good standing. A State License is required by law on all construction projects that cost over $3,500 and it is required to obtain any type of building permit.

I have been a Certified James Hardie Products Installer and a member of their Preferred Remodeler Team for 16 years. I am also certified by Simonton Windows and Therma-Tru Doors. That means my crews and I have completed “hands on” installation seminars and continuing education classes taught by these manufacturers.

As a State Contractor and Preferred Remodeler, I am required to carry adequate insurance, pass a criminal background check, prove good financial standing and provide a workmanship warranty.

I have been in business since 1989 with the same Company name and phone number. Back in 1989 insulated vinyl siding and insulated double-pane windows were new concepts and their installation was the focus of my business, thus the name “Insulated Wall Systems”. When HardiePlank siding first appeared in Atlanta around the year 2000, I was one of the first contractors to abandon vinyl siding in favor of this new “Concrete siding” called HardiePlank. Since that time, we have completed over 5,800 siding projects, removed and replaced over 10,000 old rotten, energy wasting wood and metal windows and torn down and re-built over 800 decks and porches.

We begin by removing all of the siding and vertical trim boards on the corners of each wall of your home. Then we inspect the material behind your siding called “Sheathing” to make sure there are no problems. The sheathing is typically 4’x8’ sheets of ½” Styrofoam board but it can also be a wood fiber board called “black board”, sheetrock or Oriented Strand Board “OSB”. If all of the sheathing is in good condition the next step is to cover it with Housewrap. The housewrap not only protects the wall from the weather until the siding is installed but also provides a breathable weather barrier between the sheathing and the siding. Next, fiber cement “HardieTrim” corner boards are installed followed by the HardiePlank siding.

We are one of just a few contractors in Georgia that has the experience and training necessary to install HardiePlank ColorPlus Products. ColorPlus siding and trim is painted in the Hardie factory using a special process under laboratory conditions. After being thoroughly coated, ColorPlus products are then baked to harden the finish. This process results in a superior paint finish that is guaranteed by James Hardie Co. for 15 years. No other siding product on the market carries a warranty like this.

We provide a turnkey service including removal of your old siding, dumpster service, housewrap, siding, HardieTrim corner boards, HardieSoffits, HardieTrim fascia boards, carpentry work, stacked stone, concrete shingles and painting, all done in house.